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Welcome to Asia One Development Center. Asia One Development Center is a part of Asia One Education Consultant that run Organization (Company, School, Institution) Management Consultant Service. We exist for answering challenges and questions about Organization Development Planning. Established since 2011 and commited to become a space for organization leaders and managers to get solutions in Organization Management Development. Asia One Development Center has worked in partnership with many leading company in Indonesia and we offer customized training and consulting services to your organization.

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School / Education
  1. Sekolah An’ Nisa-Izada Bintaro
  2. Sekolah Al Azhar BSD
  3. Sekolah Pangudi Luhur Bernardus, Deltamas Cikarang
  4. Yayasan Bunda Hati Kudus Jakarta
  5. LPK Tarakanita
  6. Sekolah Ricci Jakarta
  7. Sekolah St. Paulus Sunter
  8. Sekolah Tinggi Kesehatan Suaka Insan Banjarmasin
  9. Sunnyville Preschool
  10. Sekolah Abdi Siswa
  11. Sekolah Kristoforus
  12. Sekolah Syafana Islamic School, Gading Serpong
  13. Sekolah Pangudi Luhur Servasius 2, Bekasi
  14. Sekolah Suaka Insan, Palangkaraya 
  15. SMA Fons Vitae 2, Jakarta
  16. SD Bintang Kejora, Ciputat
  17. SD Bintang Kejora, Cengkareng
  18. SD Sang Timur, Jakarta Barat
  19. Sekolah Damai,Jakarta
  20. Sekolah Tarsisius 1
  21. Sekolah Tarsisius 2
  22. Sekolah Vianney, Jakarta
  23. Sekolah Tarsisius Vireta, Tangerang
  24. Sekolah Kristoforus 1, Jakarta
  25. Sekolah Kristoforus 2, Jakarta
  26. Dll.


  1. PT. Strawland Indonesia
  2. PT. Tujuh Chakra
  3. PT. Success Academy
  4. PT. Computer First
  5. Dll


"I'm so glad that we are all the educators can gather together to equote mission in advacing education world. And the essence of Asia One Development Center itself really help our school to survive. We are so thankful to Asia One Development Center to assist us in advacing our skills and quality in education."
Ulies Agustriani
Business Development & Franchise of YPII An-Nisa Izada School (Tangerang)
"This is my best experience when participating the wining team program from Asia One Development Center. It strengthens our team"

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